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Looking A For A Mag Prime Build



I played a Mag at the beginning, but never really got into building her correctly until I got Mag Prime. I'm looking for a good Pull/Shield Polarize build because I'm just an idiot when it comes to builds. I've looked on the builder, but just don't know exactly which one is best.

I've read other threads about putting Overextended on her and want to know if the decrease in strength is worth the increase in range. I screwed up on one frame before because I forma'd the wrong slot, so I'm looking for advice before I do it again. Lol

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Here is the 3 forma build Im aiming for http://goo.gl/bjojwd

You might prefer to keep V aura polarity and only use 2 formas but I've read that if your teammates all use Corrosive Proj it would give much more damage output in late games.

Maxed Fleeting with Streamline so that it lowers Blind Rage effect

The last slot is empty so that you can put whatever you want, ex Overextended for Pull, Vigor for tank, Rush for regular missions, t1-3 games etc

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Here's a hint - to use Shield Polarize offensively you need the following power strength:


Corpus: 140% minimum, up to 202% for higher levels (70+).

Void: Max Power Strength

Grineer: Cannot be used offensively, so you want max efficiency.


As such, I build as follows:

Corpus: http://goo.gl/d57jyi (Replace OE with Vital/NT at higher levels)

Void: http://goo.gl/En7n4U (Reduce BR to Rank 2 for Grineer build, possibly swap Vigor in for Vital as SP will be used for shield restore)


Edit: Copied from the Void description:

NT is the wild card here, can be replaced with a number of options. Rage can be used for emergency energy generation, or Equilibrium can be used to counter Bleeds. Shield Regeneration is not needed due to being able to use Shield Polarize to fully restore shields.

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