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Mirage's Hall Of Mirrors Optimizations


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I don't know if this has been put up but either way, I'd like to post my suggestions with Mirage's Hall of Mirrors.


To start with, Hall of Mirrors makes a pretty good introduction with the latest Illusion Warframe, with the ability to replicate herself into 1/2/3/4 holograms of herself that fires dependently with the original, but what I can see are certain visual issues that causes lag and disorientation to the players as they use or fight along with Mirage.


(a) Typically the Holograms themselves could use a rework, so instead of the actual mirrors that we see with her ability, why not share the "visual" characteristics of Nyx's Chaos (but still using MIrage's model) in creating the holograms for Mirage. This removes the overextending armor pieces that Mirage is normally equipped by the player, including the overburdening Syandanas worn. To me, the Syandanas are the reason why my game with Mirage is in the lackluster for performance, as the jigglebones for the equip constantly tracks all 5 Syandanas at once instead of 1 (or 4 as a cell), even more so with 4 Mirage (20 Mirage's with Syandanas, oh my.)


In result, not only it reduces lag, but also allows other 3 players to identify the original Mirage of their teammate much more easily, as her clones normally use the standard armor loadout (color still should remain though). This also makes the clones figures transparent, the way players like it since it uses the system Chaos modelling.


Having Chaos models to represent in PvP, on the other hand, may allow enemies players identify the original shooter, but who would even care? Since the original is always at the middle of the 4/3/2 set of clones. So it has little effect in combat.


(b) The projectiles fired by Mirage clones are a havoc to the physical performance of the game, especially to explosive weaponry. Since there are no friendly fire (as it should be) by the clones, I simply suggest removing the trails fired by these clones. Smoke particles, contrails, anything that are just not important to the projectiles should be removed to every clone, since it is not required to avoid from the first place.


By this idea, the projectiles by the clones are more easily distinguished from the original shooter, as the clone weapons do not emit any secondary effects. (This may include the fired Weapon FX.)


© For the Explosions of the weapons themselves, they must be given an individual visual limit, same way how visual particles are managed. If the number of explosions exceeded to 15 or more, then they should not appear.



Welp. I think that's it for me.


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