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Consistency In Ui Operations.


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I wish you guys would do a consistency pass over the UI.


RIght now, ESC *sometimes* backs you out of a menu, *sometimes* you have to hit the exit box (on the far side/bottom of the screen) and *sometimes* you have to hit a little 'x' box.


While you're at it, move the 'confirm selection' boxes to the same side as the 'decide selection' menus.  For example, in the Arsenal you've got us changing out gear on the *left* side of the screen and then require us to mouse over to the far right to actually enable the selections.


That sort of thing is fine for a gamepad where you're just going to tab through options anyway, but its ignoring 2+ decades of mouse and keyboard UI ergonomics.




Now, to be snarky and all - but it really looks like you hired a group of guys who have a ton of experience making UI for console games and none whatsoever for PC's.  This UI isn't *quite* Skyrim bad, but its close. 

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