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Instead Of Kubrows, Why Not A... Charger?


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If I'm not wrong, Chargers are grineer that were infected right? (I know I'm not wrong)


You can't control a grineer. What makes you think we can control a grineer that has been infected?

Grineers hate us. Infested things hates us. Hatred + Hatred = Not something I'd want.


Oh but you can always mind control one. And ask trinity to buff it's health maybe?



"Your very own mutated, mangled, infectious, insanitary, friend! Only for 120 plat."


Disclaimer: It may turn into this later:




"One Lephantis head please"

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Someone please explain the story behind Prodman. After reading this all i imagine is a corpus prodman valiantly landing a shocking blow on Phorid and it dieing in a spectacle of sparks and guts. Maybe even while it was handing some tenno their own buns XD Prodman to the rescue? 





Edit: Nevermind i found the original topic on it XD ridiculously epic!

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