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Hey dude can I please join yer clan? My steam account name is Stalk3r and I'm a rank 6 but haven't played Warframe in a few months so I'm looking 4 a clan...


Rank 6 on warframe,usually play at least twice a week but can't promise to be constantly active

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Hey, me and 2 friend would like to join.

We are dedicated players who are team players and do long survivals / defences ect...


i added you to friends ingame, you can contact me when i am online, if you are interested in having us.




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Hi. i am a vedt. LF a active Clan . I am rank 12   825/513h (steam/in game) played .

Most of the mine i play sole , i find that is the best mey for me  to lean the weapons .

Bks. of tinnitus in dont juse headfonse . is eu base .


Is online most deys


(sorry the bad English)

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Can I still join? I received an invite via mail from silent somebody, and id desire greatly to join the clan. Im currently free and available for invite, your page said recruitment was free at this time. A little about myself. I am a steam community gamer, and play through it. I Have over 450 hours under my belt, and I plan to be rank 11 in a few days. Im a loyal and smart gamer who knows how to listen and can take order. I am 25 years of age and I do have a microphone for voice chat if need be. I am not an elitest, but I do expect some common sense from teammates. I am not a bum, and will either farm my own mats and mods, or pay hard plat for a trade. I am a lone wolf gamer by nature. but I am a social person if you desire a mouth to gab with or need a ear to listen.


I hope to get a response soon. Im usually online, steam and in-game the name be the same. Mendozer.

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