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You guys sound like the kind of clan I've been wanting to join for a while.


I used to play the game a lot about 6 months ago, and then stopped for many personal reasons (one of which, I must confess, was getting involved with other games, but there was a lot of other stuff going on too). I just came back around 3 weeks ago and have been very active in all sorts of arenas - getting to know new bosses, farming for new frames, resources, doing alerts, going into the void and derelict for fun, etc.


I'd like very much - more than anything - to have a channel to call people to join up in my ventures, or similarly respond to other people's calls and join up.


I'd be really pelased if you'd consider me for membership. Will be waiting for your reply =)


IGN: fmultimedia

Hours played: 260

rank 10

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