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Lobber Crawlers Dot Not Appearing As Status?


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I can't tell for sure, but seeing as they're a direct-to-health, damage-over-time damage source, Lobber Crawler projectiles are of the Toxic variety. As it currently stands though, they do not proc the Toxic DoT on the UI and instead deal 30-50 health damage without alerting the player.


I can't tell if this is a bug that has existed for a long time and no one has considered due to their rarity or if the damage only functions like Toxic procs but isn't actually that type of damage. Either way, I feel like their attacks should appear on the UI since all other current forms of DoT, lingering damage do.


Please, no whining/counter-whinging comments. Their damage isn't enough to actually kill a player who isn't already going to die to an errant bleed proc from a random Infested melee attack, but for sheer clarity, their ranged attack needs to show up on the player UI, even if it is so short-lived.


EDIT: After checking the Wiki on Toxic damage, it is supposed to be an 8-second effect any time it is used (makes sense since all other forms do 8 seconds). So how about this: make them deal the same amount of damage over 8 seconds and give them the full Toxic DoT treatment? Again, just for clarity.

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