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General Suggestions For The Future.


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1.  Open up the 'outside' tilesets on Earth..  What I mean is tilesets with longer sightlines and fewer tunnels.  While I can accept that radiation means that most everything is underground off Earth, Earth needs more openness.


2.  Variable gravity by planet.  Sure we can posit some sort of gravity manipulation on a massive scale, but it does seem *inefficient* to bump the surface gravity of Mercury, Venus, Mars, Phobos to 1g.  Saturn (and *sort of* Jupiter) could be explained away by saying that those platforms float at the 1g height but *Ceres*?  I'd actually like to see some of these places in microgravity just to have some variety.


3.  More environmental control.  I like that we can now hack security alerts and MOA cabinets.  Let us lockdown sections and turn off lights also.


4.  Alternate vision modes.  To go with 3. - IR/LL vision for when the lights go out.  Give some of the enemies this vision also along with maluses (for both sides) such as IR not working well in hot environments (Mercury/Venus and the missions with fire all over the place) while LL can be blanked out with flares.


5.  Extend the hacking minigame.  I'm thinking that during the mobile defense missions, you have the option to have one of your guys stay logged in and he can either reduce the time needed for Lotus to finish her thing and/or control/limit the flow of enemies coming to attack the terminal.  Even allow two people to work on each thing separately, forcing us to decide how to use our forces - all 4 stay and fight, 3 fight and 1 screws with the enemy, etc.



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1. more earth sets in general would be nice

2. would also like to see this cause it breaks some of the realism.

3. Locking down sections ourselves would be useful to help us catch our breath in missions, though I've noticed it's automatically canceled when countdowns for mobile defense start so maybe disable it during that."

4. would be fun, though they'd need to figure out away for both PC and console players to change vision modes easily.

5. an interesting idea, though that would require some balancing with the amounts of time you start with, and how much time the players take away while working.

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1. It wasn't done in the first place because that would require quite a lot of work and would take a lot more out of the players' machines. The best they can do is what they did with the shipyards and Corpus outpost (which is pretty much what they did).


2. That'd definitely add to the game with a sense of depth.


3. That would be interesting... I'm not really sure why I'd want to lock down, but still.


4. I love the idea of different vision modes. Could open up some possibilities.


5. That'd be nice, but you're leaving out solo players (like me). Wouldn't really be fair with how unbalanced things already are.

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