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What Is The Angle Of The Ramp In The Grineer Galleon?


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So I was thinking about using volume of revolutions to try and calculate the volume of cubes and such today when I had this question pop up in my mind: 


What is the angle of the ramp in the Grineer Galleon (the one with ramps on both exits)?


Image to illustrate what ramp it is (with my Oberon [he does need to get paid for all of these measurement takings]): 




So, with him (and the Codex Scanner), playing around with algebra and Pythagorean theorem (again), I found out that the height of the ramp is 4.04m and the length of the ramp is 5.81m. That means the angle of the ramp (from the bottom of the ramp) is: 


θ = tan(4.04/5.81)

θ = 0.834 rad


Converting to degree:


0.834 * (180/π) = 47.78°


In comparison, a wheelchair ramp must have an angle less than or equal to 4.8° (for hand-powered wheel chairs), or 7.1° (for electrical wheelchairs), and the average escalator slope angle is around 25°-30°. 


So, the Grineer Galleon is not really wheelchair-friendly (at least in that particular room), nor would it pass the escalator quality assurance with that angle. Good thing the Grineer have leg augmentations to climb that (and the Tenno as well). 

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