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Using Weapons On Liset, Yay Xd


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earlier today, i was able to shooting my gun and slashing my sword on my liset just like in-game (cant wall-run, haha), it's really fun :D. But it got normal again after doing another mission






btw, this happen after i build and apply the Grustrag Bolt release equipment from the foundry.



you can really died on the liset if u are using a weapon like penta or angstrum and damage yourself (sadly Ordis can't revive me lol)

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It's pure luck to find out. I was killed by the Three and after i build the thing to remove it, this happen. U can see this link at the defeat part




@bc1377: indeed, i have the same idea, but i doubt that it not going to happen soon because that is a redo with the Listset design while they still not done with the new UI (I think may be update 16 or later lol)


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