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Wtt Cheap (Updated)

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Prime parts 5p each

Fang prime Blades 

Rhino Prime systems 

Bo Prime ornament 

Burston prime stock 

Orthos prime Blueprint 

Paris Prime lower limb 

Mag Prime Blueprint    

Orthos prime handle 

Loki Prime blueprimt

Frost prime chassis

Mag prime chassis 

AkBronco blusprint



Spoiled Strike maxed 60p 

Energy Channel 5p 

Virulent Scourge 10p  

Shred 5p  

Metal Auger 5p  

Flow 5p  

Natural Talent 5p  

Quick Thinking 5p 

Undying Will 5p  

Physique 10p 

Rejuvenation 10p 

Enemy radar 5p 

Fortitude 5p 

Rifle and Sniper scavenger 5p each (both for 8p)  

Rifle amp 5p

Firestorm 15p  

Hammershot 10p 

Hells chamber 20p 

Berserker 5p   




Crimson Dervish maxed MUST pm offer

Tranquil Cleave Maxed 20p Nikanas 

Clashing Forest maxed 10p Staves

Iron Phoenix maxed 20p Swords

Decisive Judgment maxed 15p Nikanas 

Reaping spiral 5p Scythes 


What I NEED   


Crimson Dervish- no surprise there  

Fleeting expertise 

Narrow Minded 

Life Strike 


Blind rage   

AK Bronco link 

Boltor Prime set 


All offers are negotiable so feel free to haggle.





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