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Some Idea About Dash Move When Use Melee Weapon In Warframe!


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i think if DE can make warframe dash it will be great , it will make us easily to doge attack of enemy quickly and hit them back faster than use roll == (it take too much time ) . we can lock on target and move around that target faster and wait for chance to stab his back , lock target system , it needs to maneuver , we can lock and ulock target just with 1 button (i think is C or V )
And ofcourse Dash bove can only active when we use melee , let think with Dash move and new lock on target system can make melee 2.0 to a new level
If who want to get this bug , just go to some mobile defend mission , take the data terminus ,change your second pistol to  melee weapon , when drop data to defend point , your character will auto change melee to primari gun and then u wil get this bug :p , let give it a try

this is my gameplay when i get this bug
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