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Client Not Updating



I have sent a support ticket and i have gotten rid of it for a bit, but now its back 


Update Failed!

The Content servers are temporarily unavailable.




The update will be restarted shortly...


But it never does, I have checked what the support desk has written on this, and i have done all of the points it said i should try, but like you have guessed, it is still doing it,


I have a friend over, he can play the game without any trouble, do anyone here know what is causing this? 


It is not connected to the 14.1.3 thingy, since i had it before U14

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That's a tricky one. The best thing to do is to verify the download cache, which is what will most likely solve the problem. The reason is because something the update can miss a file or two, and not detect it, leaving your game unresponsive to the servers. Verifying the download will make it correct the errors as well as make sure it actually downloaded correctly.


As for how your friend can play and you cannot, I'm stuck there, sorry.

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Yeah, its still doing it, I have tried that and restarting a couple of times, nothing.


I guess i should just hope for a quick support desk reply

Hm... The only last thing I could recommend is completely uninstalling Warframe and installing it. Unless the support has another idea, that might be your last hope. Sorry I couldn't help much.

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