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Patch 5.3,thoughts/Info


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So Love the new patch but needing to buy weapons to craft others is not for me, Being my inventory only has 1 slot left and wanted ot get Afuris but need to buy 2 fuirs 1st this is forcing someone to sell already leveled items or buy more space with plat witch is fine but there should be a way to craft the item with (pay for missing "X") option or something around the "forced" mentality, not to have to cluter Inventory in the process anyways.

Also Wouldnt mind knowing some of the new drop loctions witch would probly be posted in Boss/drop thread but for super charged items if someone already knows.

Thats all I really got so far but great job on the patch and looking forward to seeing where this game goes :D

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So another Bug If you alt tab in 5.3 you can no longer type in chat or pms

Oh, i just flamed on an unknown force for nothing then...

How do i change my resolution now without Alt+Tab or Alt+Enter? Like everyone else in the settings?! omg... :/

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