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Dish0Nored's Fantabulous Ultra-Hyper Misadventures (Game/reality Fanfic)


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Dish0nored sighed deeply. His days as Agent Excalibur-016 was coming to an end. He stared down at the Foundry of his Liset. Robotics arms swinging up and about, putting up the pieces for his new frame. He felt proud, he felt joy. He was staring at one of the most powerful support frames designated by the High Tenno Council simply by the name of Frost.


He remembered everything. Killing Lieutenant Lech Kril over and over again for exactly twenty-four times just to prove his worth to wear the frame, and it was certainly not the best experience for a Tenno to imagine. He had sold the uneeded parts to his best Corpus buddy, Darvo, to get himself enough credits to craft the parts needed to create the full frame.


Too bad it cost him... a lot. He didn't want to spend his hard-earned platinums, and the only choice was to risk his life. Over and over, and over again.


And too bad... he still got 1d 15h 47m 6s left 'till its completion.


Oh well... another day's work for him. The Excalibur motioned his body to the cockpit of his personal Liset to direct his ship's AI, Ordis.


"Operator, shall I execute self-destru- redirect the ship to your usual spot?" The glitched Cephalon chirped with its signature, distinct robotic voice.


He merely waved his ship's computer off, Ordis took this as a yes, and engaged the Liset's engines to go the 'usual spot'.


The next thing he knew, Dish0nored could see a large bar underneath his frame's helmet. The grand pub had hundreds, nearing thousands of other Lisets docking at its massive space port. Much bigger than his own clan's dojo. The Excalibur's mouth felt a light tug to form a small smile.


He was finally there.


The large banner of the bar reads 'REGION CHAT'



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