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Emergency Help Game Process Cannot Continue.


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求助一下大家,我在做一个叫去除蠕虫的任务时卡住了,就是系统要求制作一个蠕虫去除装置,然后我缺少了一个非晶态合金组件无法进行制作,任务无法进行下去,请问这下我该怎么处理这个问题 。

Help us, stuck me in a call to remove the worms task, is the system request the production of a worm removal device, then I lacked a amorphous alloy component cannot be made, the task can not be carried out, how to deal with this problem I should do this.

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I understand what the original poster is trying to say (translating from Chinese text only): 


He/she is missing a Morphics resource to build the Ascaris Negator, and then cannot progress through Vor's Prize. He/she is then asking what to do. 




請你去這一個網站,把你的問題告訴他們: https://www.warframe.com/login?destination=zendesk

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