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[Suggestion] Press And Hold "z" To Open Squad Menu


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I didnt find anything similar to my idea with the use of the search function so here it goes.


My idea is that pressing the "Show Player List" key (default "Z" on pc) while on the Liset will open the sqaud panel to check the loadouts of your team quickly without any extra movement of the mouse, or backing out of any menu you are currently in. Moving the mouse will still make you look around the ship if not in any menu.

Press and hold seems the most natural to me, as you will not be staring at it for longer periods of time.
Maybe add a key in combination to this to leave squad? Like press and hold "Z" and then press another key to leave the sqaud for ease of access (substitute "Show profile" with "Leave squad [L]" in my pic)
Here is a pic showing my idea:
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