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To Players That Host T4 Survival



There is a bug where Vor will repeat himself after he's died and then Lotus will repeat the messages she says at the beginning of the mission.  I've asked the clients in my squad, and this only seems to apply to me when I host.


There is also a bug that will disconnect me or other squad members when we try to extract, or the game will freeze and not save the progress.


My question is this:  Are these two bugs related?  I usually just extract after the messages start repeating because of the chances of me totally wasting my time seem to be greater at that point.

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It seems highly unlikely that they are related... but it's possible... try opening your port forwarding for Warframe, or if you have a slow internet connection upgrading it (i know that's really not an option but yeah) i get many errors too, just today i had a complete grid filled with tiny squares (like the screen after the mission) but without the actual mission screen... i'll just wait untill the chat is fixed and go back to trading and finding parties :)

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