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Scammers In Ps4 Trade Looking For Pan Cards Or Paypal Payouts

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This is getting out of hand more and more the past week there have been dozens of people trying to get PSN cash or PayPal payouts for plat in trade channels is there any way to add these keys to kickbots list of things not to be said in trade or some solution would be great thanks.

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i see this a lot in the trading tab, i messaged a few of the people selling these PSN codes for plat and they all do the same thing they offer a $50 code for 1200 plat but want 150+ plat first, and if you are actually dumb enough to do that im guessing they block you so you cant message them or they give you a fake code and tell you it's your own fault that the code does not work,so dont be dumb  DO NOT BUY OR TRADE FOR PSN CODES IT IS A SCAM.

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