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The Azure Blade [Fan Fiction] [Wip]


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So I decided to take a crack at some fan fiction. And yes, some of the stuff put into this is not in the game (as of now)

Also, if spoiler is empty that means I'm still writing it!
Chapter 1: Rising Blade

He was awake before any of the others. His cold, unblinking, azure eyes swept across the room. He suddenly remembered, the tsunami of infinite memories washing over him. He staggered, dropping to the ground, the memories flooding back so quickly. After some time, he got up, not knowing how much time had passed. He knew he would be one of the few with memories, maybe a couple others in this room would still have their cryopod functioning fully. He did not know what to do. So he sat, and waited.

She awoke, her purple eyes glazed, glancing around the room. The cryopod, it wouldn't open. She yelled, screaming, kicking, as memories started to trickle back into her conscious mind. She saw someone, walking towards the pod, who was it? It was another tenno, like her, but he had no suit. "No suit? How is that possible?" she thought, knowing tenno could only be out of their suits for a short duration. "Maybe he isn't a tenno?" she kept thinking to herself. As he opened the pod, using a metal rod that lay nearby, prying it open, she said "Thanks. I thought I might have awoken alone." "You remember then?" he asked, a single eyebrow raised. "I don't remember you," she said, slightly embarrassed. "My name is Lo-Talis. What is yours?" "Mine is Korem." He said, helping her out of the cryopod. "So, you must be wondering why you don't remember me?" "Yes, how come I don't remember you? A cryopod either gives back all memories, or none at all." she said, inquisitively staring at him. "I was put in last, a little over a month after you and these others.." he said, gesturing to the other cryopods around, "were put into stasis. They say I am unique, because I do not need to function with a suit. I don't understand what they mean though." "A tenno's life essence comes from the suit, without it, we eventually die. It gives us our powers, and our weaknesses, it turns us into who we are." Lo-Talis said, dusting off her warframe. "If we did not have these suits, we would be dead. I am inquisitive though, how can you exist without a suit if you are tenno?" "I am....different, they said. So far, I can control a warframe just like anyone else, but before I went into stasis, I learned I could keep those abilities when I moved from frame to frame." Korem responded, glancing around.

"It should be safe here, and I want to wait for everyone to wake up. At least my gear is still here." Korem said, walking over to a glass display case, containing a frost prime warframe inside with several weapons. He entered something into the panel in front of it, and the automated system put the gear on him. The Frost was different from most, having a normal frost head instead of a prime's, and a nice blue and black, the same color as all his weapons including his sentinel. He smiled as he saw the little carrier prime dance around. He had programmed it himself, gave it a sentience of its own. Lo-Talis looked, watching as he put the suit on. His energy was red, that mean't he was a Grand Master, one of the elite. Her energy was purple, she was a simple Hunter. Her frame was a Nova Prime, sleek, and deadly. It was purple and blue, having an orokin metallic shine to all its colors. She glanced at her weapons, dual daggers, a small pistol, and a simple boltor prime. She had a sentinel too, a shade prime. Although his equipment was impressive, she would rather have her own, it suited her more.

Then, the rest of the cryopods started activating, each delivering the memories to its user, a rare phenomena only to happen in that room.

Chapter 2: Fear In The Blade

There were 5 in all, each holding a unique warframe in the group. A trinity, a nova, a frost, a nyx, and a rhino. They all didn't know what to do, their leader before stasis, the Lotus, was missing. They eventually decided to go separate ways, and to find out all the information they could.

A month passed, each going their separate ways, finding out what had happened. Most humans were in two factions, the Lotus had awakened with many other tenno before them, but the Lotus had not been seen for over a year. They eventually reunited, to decide what to do. They felt a bond to each other, having awoken in the same room, being the first things they saw. They gathered in that same room, questioning what to do. Without a leader, the tenno were splitting into clans, dividing the loyalty of the tenno, and allowing their enemies to fester. "If we cannot fight, the Origin System will be taken by one of our enemies." Korem said, highly convinced they needed to find the Lotus. "The Lotus has been missing for over a year! We cannot expect to find her after such a time!" It was Yo-Mecil, the Rhino Prime, who spoke, convinced that a new leader should be brought up. "No one will follow a new leader, not that easily. We have a great many power hungry tenno that would love to take power, and they would always question the new leader's decisions." Korem argued. "Stop it! Both of you!" Lo-Talis said, chastising them for arguing. "We do need to find the Lotus, if she is still alive, then it is worth the effort. Besides, she is our leader, and we must be loyal to her." "We do not have any leads to her whereabouts, the only ones who know her location are the ones who guard her base, her orokin guards. And most of them are robots, they only have one function. And the ones that aren't robots have refused to disclose her location!" Yo-mecil, still convinced to abandon the old leader. "We have something they don't. They may be stronger than most of us, but they aren't stronger than all of us." Ta-Wiel , the Trinity Prime, said, slowly turning her head to Korem, directly staring at him. "You are a Grand Master, we've all seen your skill, and you don't even need a suit. You are entirely unique, way out of our league, and those orokin guards' league too." "I don't know...My ability is only just barely active, I've only been in a Rhino and a Frost." he said, nervously looking down at his gold encrusted black and blue orthos prime. It was a beautiful thing, exquisitely crafted, well-made, and extremely lightweight. Yet despite all that, it was razor sharp, and incredibly strong. "How can you not know? You, a Grand Master! Seriously, how are you a Grand Master? They are supposed to be wise, and they're the ones that always makes the decisions! You are the only current known Grand Master, other than the Lotus!" Ta-Wiel said exuberantly. "Fine, I'll do it." Korem said, exhausted.

Chapter 3: Clashing Blade

He walked to the man, clad in black, holding weapons of a tenno. "So, you asked me here to discuss the location of the Lotus?" "Yes, I only trust you, as your rank proves you worthy. This room has a sound barrier, completely absorbs all noise, we will use it when I tell you her location." "Wait, I thought you were going to tell me her location?" "I am, as soon as you prove your rank. I challenge you to a duel, melee only. No powers, no guns." "Alright, I must warn you though, my weapon is...different from most."

Korem walked into the dueling room, orthos prime in hand, his warframe as silent as the wind. His frost prime was excellent, faster than many other frames. As the Guard walked into the room, he carried a weapon that matched his heavy armor, a black Jat Kittag, adorned with armor pieces of high ranking grineer and corpus. Judging by the amount of armor plates, he had killed at least 20 high ranking officials. Korem smiled, kneeling to the ground in the traditional way. The Guard , Je-Loo, did as well, his Jat Kittag hitting the ground in a heavy thud, being slowly swung into position. "Do you, Grand Master Korem, accept this duel, and its rules and consequences whether you win or lose, to fight Je-Loo, Seventh Guard of Grand Master Lotus?" "I, Grand Master Korem, accept, in the name of the Council, and say to you, Felicitatem!" "Then let us duel, and may your blade shine bright." Both stood suddenly, their eyes taking in their opponent's every move. They started circling each other, the heavy Jat Kittag thudding against the floor as it was dragged along and the Orthos Prime in front of its user, in a guard stance. Korem knew if he made a move, it would have to be at the right moment, a little late and the hammer's jet would be going through his skull. Suddenly, Je-Loo lunged, his Jat Kittag suddenly coming down in an overhead thrust. Korem easily dodged and his Orthos Prime's front blade opened, in the shape of a Lotus, and spewed out an energy beam, increasing the weight of the Jat Kittag. While it made it slower, if Korem was hit with that extra weight he would lose. He dodged left, stabbing into the Guard's ribcage. The glow of his shields came on as contact was made, and then Korem backed off, just as the Jat Kittag came around, whistling through the air with the jet blasting by. Korem felt a bit of ash left from the jet fall on his face. "Too close" he thought, running back in, doing a full thrust into the man's stomach, if his blow didn't get through those high shields this time, he would have no chance to evade. The weapon made contact, and Korem saw the Guard's shields drop, and just as it was about to break, the energy barrier keeping injuries at bay, shut off, and Grineer ran into the room. As Korem stood and put his back to the Guard, and as the Guard did the same, his shields recharging, the Grineer surrounded them, and pointed their weapons at them. There were over 50 grineer. The room was still, quiet. Then, the door opened, and a familiar face popped in, a hand petting a robotic dog comprised of unmatching parts. "Ah, tenno, I've been waiting. I brought this with me," Alad V. said, pulling on a chain, and the Lotus walked in.

Chapter 4: The Flower's Blade

Lotus looked horrible, her face a blank stare, her eyes unlit, her suit missing pieces of armor, her suit covered in scratches and dents. She cried what little tears she had left, "I'm sorry ArchMaster, I failed you, I caused you to get captured!" "Wait....ArchMaster???" Je-Loo exclaimed turning his head to the man standing behind him. "It's not your fault, you were tricked, obviously. But what they've done to you..." Korem trailed off his eyes gaining a red tint, his grip on the Orthos Prime tightening. He raised his blade, but before he could do anything Alad V. said "Do anything, and Lotus dies!" and then motioned for a grineer to come over. The grineer walked over, plucked a knife from somewhere and held it to Lotus's throat. Je-Loo dropped his Jat Kittag, throwing it against the floor. "Put it down, or Lotus dies, 'ArchMaster'" Alad V. said, a little sarcastic at the end. Korem just smiled, and then laughed. Everyone else in the room became uneasy. Alad V. Whispers to the grineer holding Lotus "Has he lost it?" Korem suddenly teleports behind the grineer, stabbing him before he can move. He grabs the Lotus as the grineer start firing, and teleports to Je-Loo, grabbing him too, with the Jat Kittag, and teleports out of the room, and then proceeds to take out the grineer outside the room, locking the door. "I know your kind of emotional, but blowing my cover is not good!" Korem said to Lotus as he put Je-Loo down. As soon as Je-Loo was able, he bowed to Korem. "Please don't!" Korem said, looking somewhat annoyed. He opened his communicator, contacting the others. As they walked into the hall, they ran over, exclaiming "What haplened?" As they knelt to the Lotus. Korem said "Treat her wounds!" as he messed with the control panel, locking the door even further. He turned, pointing to Lo-Talis, "Go get some more tenno."

Chapter 5: The Blade

Korem and the Lotus watched from a one way mirror as Alad V. was put into a containment area. The room was secure, 2 entrances, and 4 guards at each door, on both sides. "That monster..." Korem said, his fist curling into a tight ball. Just then, Je-Loo walked in. Korem said "Leave us!" motioning for the guards to leave. "What do you want?" he asked Je-Loo. "I just want you to know that I won't give your secret up. But I don't understand, why pose as a Grand Master, and not the ArchMaster?" Je-Loo said, somewhat perplexed. "I expect as much from a guard of the Lotus. Next time, do a better job of protecting her. And to answer your question, I shall say, I would become a big target, the top priority for our enemies. I see you have not been very good at decimating them. They seem to get stronger by the day." Korem said, motioning for Je-Loo to leave as well. As Je-Loo left, Korem turned to Lotus, saying "Are you alright? I hope he did not harm you too much. If only he knew..." "He does not, and will never know. And I am very much alright, thanks to you." the Lotus said, bowing to Korem. "I remember before you became a master, when your name was still Lo-Tus. Does she even know?" "She is my business, and mine alone. When the time is right, I shall tell her." Lotus said, staring defiantly at Korem. Korem dismissed the fact that she was being rude to a higher rank, and said "So where is the First? Has he returned?" "No he has not, I have received all communications sent to us that he is building the terminal still. We must speed up our war efforts so we can rebuild the Outer Terminus." Lotus said, turning to the glass. Korem laughed, speaking "Do you remember..." Just then, Yo-Mecil walked in. She said "I want to know what happened before the 2nd awakening, what about the first?" Korem turned, saying "Let me spin you a tale of those days, those days when we tenno were kind of lost. When we had no memories. That is, all except us had no memories."

Chapter 6: The Blade's Master

Ko-Rem walked up and down the same hallway over and over again. He was in an Orokin Tower, one of the larger ones, it was one of the few that still recognized the Tenno as it's master, as such, it was easily defend-able against what had become known as the "Grineer" and the "Corpus". As he walked, many a fallen enemy walked past him, now controlled by the tower. Ko-Rem stopped in front of a large door, he couldn't help but wonder what was going on. Lo-Tayl, his second in command, walked to him, saying "Stop pacing, it won't help anything." "She's been in there for hours, arguing with that Grineer. Who knows what he could be doing to her!" Ko-Rem said, pacing even faster as he thought of it. As he paced, he looked at his second in command, his Gold Master. That was her rank, and his was Middle Master, one rank below Grand Master. The other ten Tenno were Silver Masters, they had stayed out of stasis to protect their master. Ko-Rem gripped his Orthos Prime even harder, it was getting more suspicious by the minute. He started checking his Kunai Knives, they were special, extremely special. He had even named the blades "Justice". Each one had a mono-filament edge, combined with a poison and a quiet explosive that would detonate when inside enemies, removing just enough to kill them. Suddenly, they heard a scream from inside the room. Ko-Rem rushed to the door, banging on it, and said "Are you alright in there?" He heard the grinner shout something that sounded like "Never Better" but he couldn't be sure, nor did he trust the grineer. He opened the door, and saw the Grineer standing over the Lotus with an energy draining device, he pointed it to Ko-Rem as the other Tenno came in, and drained their energy.

Chapter 7: Guile Against the Blade

As Ko-Rem's Frost Prime hit the ground, and the other's did as well, the Grineer laughed, yelling "I guess that's the problem with beings that rely on energy! Too bad your tower won't stop my rather large garrison of Grineer inside my ship!" Ko-Rem looked at his energy levels, with what little energy his frame had left he wouldn't be able to exit his frame long enough to save the Lotus, without dying. He didn't care, he exited his frame, picked up a single kunai from his gear, but not before the Grineer picked up the Lotus, holding her in front of him and the device. "You can't hit me Tenno! Not without hurting your master!" Ko-Rem stared, the situation becoming fuzzier by the moment. "Lotus forgive me" he whispered, hurling the Kunai straight into the Lotus, as it ripped through her, and destroyed the energy draining device. Ko-Rem fell to the ground, his eyes becoming darker by the second, and then, all was still, all was quiet.


Lo-Tayl cried for hours, she knew Ko-Rem was dead, even though he had still been breathing when he had been rushed to the med-bay. She banged her fist against the wall, just moments before, she had been comforting him about not worrying! The Tenno had cleared out the Grineer's ship, and put the Grineer and some of his men in holding cells. She punched the wall again, and again, until a dent started appearing in it. "I sense you are angry." The Tower's AI said. "Would you like a nutrition supplement?" The Tower inquired, knowing nutrition normally calmed Tenno down. "No thanks, I feel crappy, and eating right now would make me feel even crappier for comforting myself." Lo-Tayl said, hitting the wall with her fists even harder. The dent started to get large enough that it could be seen on the other side of the wall. "You will get promotion though, aren't you happy?" The AI was confused, normally promotions made Tenno happy. "Not when it came from someone dying!" Lo-Tayl said, hitting the wall so hard she burst through the 3 feet thick wall. She looked at the fist sized hole, surrounded by an even bigger dent. "But he is still alive?" the AI said.

This is still very much a WIP! Please tell me what you think! Is my style too vague sometimes, or some other problem? Did I get my grammar wrong?

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