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Interesting Time On Apollodorus Last Night - 5 Players!


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The Orokin Catalyst Mission on Mercury - MD LVL15 Infestation.


First time I joined - dropped into room and then got the "lost connection to the server, you will be returned to the blah blah.."


So I quickly rejoined, and got right in, ran to where our guy inserted the device and waited for the mobs to show....and we waited and waited. I then took a closer look and realized there were 5 of us. Yes, I recounted several times and realized one of the players did not show in the 4 man player list, but he was there. (wish I'd thought to take a pic!) 


This went on for 5 minutes easy and zero mobs, then host migration - and everyone leaves except me!


Now huge mobs come. (I end up dying twice, and killing over 330 of them) so I'm meleeing like mad (lvl23 Mirage, lvl25 Paris P, lvl30 Bo P, lvl30 Marlock)  and this keeps going on and on with no breathing room, I'm able to use her abilities a few times but they (mobs) are so heavy I'm afraid the time is takes to use one and I'll be dead. Finally Lotus completes, and I run with the device to the next station, and now two new players show up and we finish and eventually extract from the mission.


Also, since the Chat Server was toast at the time, we couldn't even talk about it! Ha Ha


It was quite an interesting mission to say the least.

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