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Geminate: The Dual Sword/staff Concept


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So Here is the idea. i think a good addition to melee weapons in warframe would be something along the lines of a sword that can be changed from a dual sword weapon to a sword staff. May sound strange but i think it would be something such as this, when starting a game the weapon would be in its double bladed staff form but when switching to the melee weapons simply blocking with it will change it from a double bladed sword to a set of dual swords. (the warframe puts the two ends together/ takes them apart) i have a bit of artwork i did on the design of the swords and hopefully if the link works you should be able to see it.




the way the weapons works is when it is in its dual sword form it is slower but strikes can do more damage. when in its double bladed sword staff form it does less damage but the swing speed is much faster. (swapping speed for strength and whatnot) 


if the image doesn't work i have a direct link here:



Let me know what you think and feed back is always welcome!

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That's funny because I literally just had this idea about 30 seconds. I was here in the "Fan Concept" area & thought about posting an idea, although I didn't have one. A few seconds later I came up with this exact idea, then I saw this thread. 


What a coinkidink. 

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