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I Was Wondering Why We Didn't Have A Chinese International Subforum


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And I found out why.


Background: I was looking for more info on clans in Lords of the East, and stumbled across a few things, such as:


The Recruiting Thread for Soy Sauce Union - One of the largest Chinese Clans in Warframe:




(You'll see me on page 31, and yes I do speak Chinese to an extent) and scrolling through the thread I found the clan leader talk about said Chinese Warframe forum.




So is this really why we don't have a Chinese subforum? 


I'd imagine with some 1.3+ Billion people that the Chinese playerbase would be larger than something like Japan's, with Japan having under 130 million people, yet we have international subforums for those languages and not Chinese.


Not that I'm complaining or making some stupid "omg racist" claim, I'm genuinely curious as to why we don't have a Chinese international subforum.

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Maybe warframe would be flooded with chinese, its good they have their own forum. Jokes.


There is a good question you have, aslo a good point. I wonder, how big is the playerbase over at their location? So big they made their own forum? Or just because no chinese ask for a sub forum here because they respect the time of DE so much they make their own. 

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