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Clints: Stances, Primes, Mods And More!

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All prices can be haggled, I like when people offer a price they are comfortable with.
Open to trades, make an offer one of the following ways:
In game name: theclinton, add me if im not online, forum Pm, post below
() shows the quantity

Many happy customers since EST 2014

Feel free to leave feedback in any of my threads.

New Items Daily, check back often.

Do not want:

Burston Prime Parts
Braton Prime Parts
Mag Prime parts
Latron Prime parts
Fang Prime Parts
Boar Prime Parts
Ankroyos Prime Parts
Frost Prime Parts
Any secondary weapon Prime parts
Orthos prime parts
Any Stance i already have(which includes whip, Dual Sword, Nikada and polearm stances)

Do want:
Huras Kubrow imprints (Must have stripes and non bulky build)
Quick thinking

Gnashing Payara

Virulent Scourge
Boltor Prime BP
Bo Pime Handle
Flailing Branch
Crushing Ruin
Stalking Fan
Anything not listed on this page



New Kubrow Section (Will continue to build this section)
Raksa imprint https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/277062-raksa-wts-gray-light-green-and-brown-kubrow/#entry3191512

[stances] (Will get more soon)
Tranquil Cleave (1) 40P (sold again)
Malicious Raptor 35p
The Eleventh Storm 25p
Decisive Judgement 25p
Crushing Ruin 20
Iron Phoenix 15P
Bleeding Willow 15p
Sesmic Palm 15p
Coiling Viper 15p
Pointed Wind
Brutal Tide 15p
Sinking Talon10p
Crossing Snakes 15p
Swirling Tiger 10p
Rending Crane 18p
Sundering Wave 5p
Clashing forest 7p
Burning Wasp 5p
Reaping spiral 3p
Simmering Blight 7p
Shattering Storm 15p


Accelerated Blast(5) 5p
Barrel Diffusion 13p
Beserker 13p
Constitution 10p
Continuity 7p
Coolant Leak 10p
Critical Delay
Dead Eye Aura
Enemy Sense 7p
Energy Channel 7p
Fired up 10p
Fever Strike 5p
Hells chamber 13p
Intensify 7p
Infected Clip 5p
Heavy Trama
Jagged Edge 13p
Lethal Torrent 10p
Life Strike 13p

Loot Detector
Metal Augur 5p
Ice Storm 7p
Power throw(3) 7p
Pistol Pestilence
Rage 13p
Ravage 5p
Rending Strike 7p
Reflex Guard 5p
Seeker 7p
Seeking Force 7p
Self Destruct 5p
Sprint Aura
Shotgun Ammo Mutation 7p
Arrow Mutation(4) 7p
Rifle Mutation 7p
Shred 7p

Split Chamber 12p
Stabilizer 5p
Steady Hands 5p
Flow 5p
Streamline 7p
Stunning Speed7p
Thunderbolt(3) 5p
Vicious Spread
Vital Sense 5p
WildFire 7p
I have Other mods and auras just only listed rares, feel free to ask to see if I have the one you want.

Cores of all rarity
(Rare5 3p)(Uncommon5 2p)(Others 1p)

[Prime Parts]

Boltor Prime BP 35p
Boltor Prime Stock (1) 5p
Boltor Prime Reciever 5p

Braton Prime Stock (5)5p

Boar prime bp(4) 5p
Boar Prime reciever (2)5p
Boar prime Barrel

Dakra Prime Blade

Ember Prime Helm 7p

Fang Prime Blade 5p
Fang Prime Handle(1)
Fang Prime BP (1)

Frost Prime Bp(2) 7p
FP Chassis (2) 7p
Frost Prime Helm (2) 7p

Glaive Prime Disk 3p

Latron Prime BP (5) 7p
LP Stock(10) 5p
LP Receiver(3) 5p
LP Barrel 7p
Set: 15p


Loki Prime BP

Lex Prime Barrel(4) 5p

Mag Prime BP(4) 5p
Mag Prime Chassis bp 5p
Mag Prime Systems 7p

Orthos Prime Bp(2) 5p
Orthos prime handle 5p

Paris Prime Grip (2) 7p
Paris Prime Lower Limb 7p
Paris Prime String 7p


Rhino Prime System
Rhino Prime Chassis 45p
Rhino Prime Blueprint 40p

Reaper Prime BP (6) 6p
RP handle (4) 6p
RP blade (4) 6p
Set: 10p

Sicarus BP 5p
Sicarus Barrel(4)



T1 cap
T1 Exterminate
T1 Survival
T2 Exterminate
T2 Mobile Defense
T2 Survival
T3 defense
T3 Capture
T3 Survival
T3 Mob Def

T4 Mob def

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