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Mirage Hall Of Mirrors Bug


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While playing Mirage, I used a soma with a 75% crit chance I joined a mission is progress and when I used hall of mirrors I noticed my clones were getting red criticals almost 100% of the time. I was doing 233 critical hits with my soma, while my clones were doing 8k a shot. I have video of the bug if needed. 




(hall of mirrors)






(constitution) all maxed

[Redirection] 8 rank

[Vitality] 6 rank 

[stretch] 0 rank



(Point strike)

(Saw tooth clip)

(hammer shot)

(Vital sense)

(Split chamber)

(Rifle Ammo mutation) all maxed

[serration]  rank 8


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This is a known bug and there are a ton of other topics. Using my fulled made Mirage and Soma dealt for crits, hall of mirrors, and Eclipse. I register about 30k-120k per shot red crits with the clones. 


Using the Dread and a crit build I've done over 4.3 million with a headshot red crit from a clone. 


Hall of mirrors increases crit chance by a fair bit to make up for the lack of damage, but with eclipse and the right weapon it does insane damage.


As if it's going to be patched? iunno your guess is as good as mine

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