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Mk1 Braton Stealth Buff?

Guest Tehnoobshow


Guest Tehnoobshow

When did this happen? Sorry, if I'm a slowpoke.




Old Stats:

17 Damage

4 Piercing

3 Impact

10 Slash

5.8 Fire Rate

5% Crit Chance

150% Crit Damage

1% Status Chance






New Stats:

18 Damage

4.5 Piercing

4.5 Impact

9 Slash

7.5 Fire Rate

8% Crit Chance

150% Crit Damage

5% Status Chance




Now I have to go check if the Lato got buffed as well.

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Guest Tehnoobshow

Lato got buffed, AkLato didn't


New stats:

Damage 18

Impact: 4,5


Slash: 9

1.8x critical with 5.0% chance

Lol, they forgot about the Aklato again? Didn't they forget to nerf it the first time as well?

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