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Coming Back After A Year Or So, New Tutorial (Update 14)


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It's a really good step in the right direction, loved the overall story arc connecting the missions, I wish there was more than just the tutorial following this model, it worked for me because it gave me a reason beyond just pure grind to do a mission.

The voice overs and animations, the new interactive ship menu, really put you into the game world. The game is slowly becoming more than just the sum of its parts (until now everything felt very disconnected). Good job Digital Extremes!

As of now, I guess that I'll just have to wait for more story content to come out :)

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Already got that under my belt, makes a nice rattling sound when it's shooting, doesn't it? :)

I'm really just appreciative about the game having a little more structure and offering something beyond pure grinding.

I could see myself returning active if story arcs like the one in the tutorial would be more abundant :)

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