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Wtb Tiger Kubrow

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Barely missed the auction for this beautiful kurbow. :(



Willing to pay 800 platinum for two imprints for these temperaments. Price isn't stern willing to haggle if more is required.


Breed: Huras preferred or Sunika

Height: as in the picture or taller

Gender: Female

Fur pattern: Orange body, black stripes, black under belly. Willing to pay an extra 200 platinum for a black lotus pattern but not required.

Build: Medium 


Thank you for your time!

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the only tiger i have is this one:




IDK if you would be interested in this one, and if not im sorry i wasted your time.


PS under belly is black if you are interested and want to see i can post another image that shows its belly.

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I can see the black underbelly very nice looking kubrow Horthgar! Unfortunately I'm really set on the color and pattern in the original post. Edit: I'm rude sorry. It wasn't a waste of time thanks for replying to the thread! :)

This is my current tiger kubrow she's pretty cool and going to mature tonight.  But I'm looking for more without all the rng.



Edit 2: She dun all growed up. 


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lol and that wasnt rude at all lol its all good my current kubrow is something like that lol




his mom was blue red and orange while his dad was orange blue and black... IDK HOW i got this one but its lotus marked (cant see it right now but its blueish) and he has the daggerish eyes lol



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Thanks for the link to bad about the light stripes and orange under belly. I'll keep an eye on the thread in case it grows up to be amazing.


Wonder how mixing imprints would work. Trying to attempt mad science while desperate probably wouldn't turn out to well though.

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Hey man! I've got exactly what you're looking for, might be because I bought that kubrow. Sorry about that ^^


Meet Valkyrie! A female sunika bred with both of the imprints from the kubrow you linked. She will mature next reset so I can post some pictures tomorrow if you want, altough it's pretty obvious how it will look.



Orange fur, black belly, black tiger stripes. No Lotus mark though.



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my newes Puppy is also a Tiger-Pattern-Kubrow with lotus symbol: https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/281785-auctions-selling-kubrow-imprints-leg-stripes-x-splotch-grey-black-green-brown-small2tall-an-legendary-fusion-core/


hight is still unkown, and still needs 2 days to mature, but is a female huras.


Imprints save race, at least in my experience.

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