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Solo Survival Strategies



So after seeing a video I decided to make a max duration Loki build for permanent invisibility. I tested it on a T2 Survival and got to 25 Minutes before running out of oxygen.


Defeating the enemies was not the problem, but I found it hard to have enemies to kill.

My question is, how do I get enemies to attack my in large groups so I can kill them faster and get more oxygen?


What I did was cloak and using decoys to attract enemy attention, since decoys have a higher threat value. However, I rarely saw more than 6-12 enemies in a large room. I stayed in a room as long as it had life support capsules and then moved on to the next.


Do you guys know any more efficient methods?

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I have a similar problems with not being enough enemies, and it depends on several factors, if there is no threat at the time, they will do absolutly nothing, their spawn is a bit speratic and they will chase after you for a good distance rather than just spawn at a closer spot. So for the most part, it depends heavily on luck and location, Large open maps are best in terms of location, but im not sure how use full a max duration build would attract the enemies. And at times, nothing will spawn no matter what so that's the luck coming in.

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done this one on T3 survival with a 27 seconds invi and survived for 35 mins, well i brought the wrong primary and leveling my secondary, found out that mobs spawn better at the largest area and the area with the most life support capsules cramped.

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