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I am confused on whether I should get hellfire or wildfire and malignant force or infected clip. If I go for the damaging mods I'll need to forma it a 5th time, but if I run malignant and wildfire (depending on the faction) I will only need 4 formas.

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Shocking no one responded to this >.>.


just linking an example >.>



I think that's a foundation I'd use where i'd swap around the 3 elemental mods for various other mods. 

Personally, I use 2 ele mods (lightning + something) and shred cuz I never leave the liset w/o a punch through. but that's just me.


I just use the weapon for fun though atm.


anyway, just play around with wf builder using mods you have until you're satisfied.  Be sure to click all the boxes and gismo's in the details section to get full results. 

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