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Selling/trading Parts

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Ok so I need a couple of parts and have a ton of extras that I am willing to sell/trade so here is a listing.  I also have tons of mods so just ask.  So if you need something or just want to donate something send me a message here or on PSN.  Remember friends can trade for an ammo drum.


What I need.


Bo Handle

Bronco BP

Bronco Receiver

Gleaming Talon

Stalking Fan

Crimson Dervish


What I have extras of


Akbronco Link

Ankyros Blade

Bo Ornament

Boar BP, Receiver

Boltor Barrel, Stock

Braton BP, Receiver, Stock

Burston Barrel, Receiver, Stock

Dakra BP

Ember Chassis, Helm

Fang Blade, Handle

Frost Chassis, Helm

Glaive Disc

Latron Barrel, BP, Receiver, Stock

Lex Barrel, BP

Loki Helmet

Mag BP, Chassis

Orthos Blade, BP

Paris BP, Grip, Lower Limb, String

Reaper Handle, BP

Rhino System

Sicarus Barrel, BP, Receiver


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