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Are Kurbows Worth It?


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If you like to babysit an inferior AI as you run about levels killing stuff, then yes by all means get yourself a Kubrow. If however you prefer to have a companion that is actually useful, get yourself a carrier sentinel.


EDIT: Ok that was a bit harsh. Kubrow can be entertaining and have their usefulness for some players. 

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Honestly, at Mastery Rank 4, no. I'm rank 10, so it does make sense for me, because I'm at end game and I have tons of credits to sink into it. I've got over 2 mil stored right now, so kubrow upkeep is no issue. Of course you also have to make sure you rank them up quick, so you can throw on the link mods so they don't die.

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Currently I'd say no. I have yet to multiforma a kubrow though, I'm sure that once it gets up there then it'd be quite useful.
That said, what with kubrow death being a mechanic, it feels like a slightly exhausting and slightly stressful thing to have, compared to a normal sentinal.

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here is how I broke it down so far with what I have played with. Personal observations so I could be wrong on a few points.




Cost: cheap to build. No upkeep.


Mods: requires mod cards of adequate level to be of use. Not dependent of warframe used.


combat: low combat ability but high versatility and utility. i.e Stuns, Scanner, stealth, gatherer, ect.


Overall: Always have one, easy to use, easy to keep at any level or wallet size.


penalties: Once its destroyed beyond its regen mod its gone till next mission.




Cost:Massive costs to build and upkeep. 100k for many upkeep items.


Mods: High mod dependent. Without even medium level mods expect to see your Kubrow die a lot on all but low level missions. Mods are linked to the warframe of the player so if your playing a valk with low shields then your Kubrow shield will be low as well.


Combat:High combat ability, medium utility. Has more powerful attacks and abilities then sentinels.


Overall: High damage combat skills, some good utility, needs mods which link to a warframes stats. 


Penalties: Upon death loses loyalty. Can only return small amounts of loyalty 3 times a day.  Loses health over time, needs 100k heal items. Once dead in mission you need to pick it up like a player before bleed out adding another layer of complexity and need for watchfulness.

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