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T4 Exterminate - Mission Reward Bug


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I have been going on T4 Extermination mission runs in order to farm for the Bo Prime Handle. The last 4 runs I  did not receive any mission rewards aside from additional credits and whatever I picked up mid mission. From my understanding with every void mission there is a mission reward.
I apologize in advance if this is not a bug but an intention design decision, just a bit perplexing when I farm for the T4 Extermination Key and run through a difficult mission only to get some resources, a few mods, and credits when I'm there specifically for a prime part.


Edit: Thank you for the input but I have been informed that fusion cores are actually a reward. Sorry for the trouble.

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Did you notice if there was an Unranked Rare 5 core in your mod section on the end results screen? It shows up unranked, but you actually get a 5 pack of Rare 5 cores. Those have been your rewards.



There is a high chance to get a reward of 5 rare fusion cores that dont appear on the rescource tab but appear in the mods tab.Are you 100% sure you didn't just get the fusion core reward?

Seriously? Yeah, I got a rare mod but I just thought i picked them up in mission. Thank you. It's just disappointing i farm for T4 extermination key, suffered through a difficult mission... and picked up fusion cores.

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