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Black+ Grey(+Maybe Blue) Lotus Sunika Male // Black +White Striped Sahasa Female

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Hey guys i got some new imprints and hatches.






medium sized female sahasa with a nice contrasting pattern.

Both imprints starting at 30p.
buy out is 75p.


really nice male Sunika pup. Grey with a black belly and a really nice Lotus pattern. I think he might also have some blue around his cheecks/ears I can't really tell though 









he has 2 resets to go before he matures. idk if anyone wants to bid yet but i'll just throw it out there:

300 starting for both

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you can actually see the blue in the pics. there ist dark blue shade on his cheeks and around his ears. Atleast i am pretty sure it is. It's rather hard to see against the  black fur.
@ Space_shinobi: I got it from a random hatch so it's first gen and doesnt have parents.

Also i'll make another topic as soon as he grows up since this is allready on the third page.....I will pm the one who, at that point, has the highes bid with the link to the new topic.(would be Zoisite at this points =) )

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