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Wtb Sunika/raksa Imprints (Details Inside)

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I'm looking to buy a (preferably male even though I know the outcome is random) Sunika or Raksa with White or Black fur, or even a mixture of the two. I'd also like him to have an average/tall body type, not the anorexic one or the really bulky one. If you have what I'm looking for either leave a pic here or PM me in game so we can set up a trade =).

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i have one currently made kubrow its base fur is not black or white but its chest and stripes are (example will be below) but i also have a kubrow maturing with a really cool face mark with a hidden lotus:


Brown Tiger Stripes: Both Imprints Are For Sale




Black Kubrow:




PM me here or in game (will be logging soon)

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