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Stuck In Pipes After Reviving - Grineer Galleon Survival


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Like the title suggests, when using a revive under the door that connects the two rooms as seen on the minimap, the player is respawned in the ceiling, between the outside of the galleon  and the inside of the map. As the screenshots below detail, you are stuck in the pipe and are unable to move. Any movement does not work, you cannot sprint, roll, or slide. This happened on Apollodorus, Mercury, but I'm sure it would be able to happen on any Grineer Galleon Survival mission. 


The first screenshot was mostly lined up for the minimap so the rooms would be able to be distinguished. The room of the right is the one with all the ramps around the room leading down to where life support spawns on the lowest level in front of all the computers.



I got this screenshot before the game inevitably pushed me between the pipes unable to move. It forced me to crouch into the small space, not allowing me to get out. 


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