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Good Place To Rank Up A Low Level Kubrow?



I've finally decided to get around to leveling mine after I've had it in Stasis since the week U14 came out.


Why? It kept dying, even against level 5 Grineer. It didn't matter if i had the bleedout mod on it or not, it could die right behind me and I'd never know since there's nothing that gets your attention saying "Hey! Your Kubrow's been downed!"


Since the XP rates have been so bad since this latest update, I just haven't had the will to do anything in this game.


However tonight, since it's the weekend, I figured sure, why not. I'll see if I can actually find some enjoyment from this Kubrow. 


But it's still level 5, so my options are slim. Any suggestions?

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Go to Appolodrus until you can slot the Max Loyal Companion and a Link Shield Mod (doesn't need to be maxed).

After that doing a single T2 or T3 Defense got my Kubrows close or even to the max Rank.


No affinity boosters were used.

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