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What Are The Best Guns In Game ? - Vote


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Lets be honest here. If a player such as myself chooses too I could top DPS with Nyx and a penta and with the exception of nova there wouldn't be much anyone could do to challenge. In that same light I could try that on Lech Kril and get no where because I need a weapon that can actually blow up ice pack with accuracy. I could try that on Lephantis and get no where too. 


My point is weapons are highly situational. Preference plays a role but best is joke. The number of times i have seen players with soma and boltor run out of ammo, the number of times i have seen my own penta stop scaling, and the number of times I resorted to melee for better DPS at higher levels lets me know that there is no one best option. Post like this pop up but truth is DE releases a new weapon about twice a month. Some are awesome but if we get right down to it almost all weapons have their draw backs.


The saddest part is this isn't a best weapon poll but a what weapon are you using poll. Player will state that the weapon that have xyz forma in ad use all the time is the best. And really that is the answer.


"Any weapon I choose to use is the best weapon in the game.", seems to be the community consensus.  


That is the main reason these polls are pointless.


For example I use Bo Prime. It copters well and has good reach and animations with clashing forest which allows it to spin to win with ease. It must be the best melee weapon in the game except it lacks slash damage, has a low crit chance, and is expensive to get but it much be the best I forma it and use it.


Or I use Penta and it is the best weapon. 6 forma and my most used weapon it blows up packs of mods with ease. Except the fact it doesn't scale well, doesn't crit (explosion), and has a long travel time on the projectile.


My point is they all have their draw backs but in the right hands most are fine for most content. 


IMHO their is not best weapon just a smart set up. Having your bases covered for each type of content or a general Trash Clearer, Sniper, and 1 strong melee your pretty much set. 

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Primary: Soma, Boltor Prime, Dread, Penta, Ogris, and the Amprex all jump to mind.

Secondary: Angstrum, and uh, I can't think of any more. I don't really focus on secondaries at all. Marelock as well maybe?

Melee: Dual Ichors, Dragon Nikana, and Orthos Prime.



Best weapons?


Primary: Amprex (6 -forma), Soma (4 - forma), Dread (4 forma), Boltor P (4 -5 forma), Latron P (3 - 4 forma), Boar P (4 - 5 forma), Phage, Vectis, Penta (6 forma)

Secondary: Brakk (? forma), Despair (3 forma), Marelok (? forma) [i only use Despair in this list]

Melee: Dakra Prime (w/ Crimson Dervish), Dragon Nikana (I don't like it, 1 forma), Dual Ichor (1 - 2 forma  - My copter of choice)


There are no 'best' weapons, but I generally choose what does the highest base damage and then just slap the regular mods on it. It will always outperform something that has lower base damage (assuming we don't worry about status/crit, though usually the primes will outperform in those regards). 


No, there are definitely worse weapons that either have lower DPS or total damage than others. The braton for example is just plain garbage compared to the Soma or Boltor Prime and has vastly inferior killing potential. Also, for people mentioning the Soma or Boltor Prime running out of ammo, that for one never happens if the person wielding it has the slightest brainpower to realize they should be conserving ammunition with any weapon they use. Secondly, ammo boxes exist and you should always carry one or more on high level runs.

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Primary: Latron/Latron Prime, snipetron/snipetron vandal/lanka and paris/paris prime/dread/cernos and ignis

Secondary:Kunai/Despair and friendship gun

Melee:Orthos/Orthos Prime...but I also like kestrel

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Despair wasn't on the Secondary list but the Acrid was? I'm sorry? :O


And the Dual Ichor's weren't on the Melee poll. :p




pls undertand




I'll stick to my trusty Sybaris though. <3

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Primary: subjective




Any weapon can be turned into a weapon of mass destruction with a potato, the right amount of forma, and the right mods.


For me, my personal preferences follow


Primary: Soma

Secondary: Lex prime

Melee: Orthos prime



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Primary: Boltor Prime / Penta

Secondary: Brakk / Marelok

Melee: Orthos Prime


Overall best weapon in the game: Orthos Prime

Dread one shots you out of the range of your puny AoE, It'll even destroy you in the range of your AoE and your swings. And all the ground in between. 


Bows = 1337 mofos. Simple fact, 

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There are no "Best wearpon" in warframe. There are multiple choices to match the player's game style.

Personally I like

Primary: Soma ---> Because it wrecks &amp;#&#33;
Secondary: Angstrum ---> It fills Penta's place when I need it

Melee: Dakra Prime ---> Because Crimson Dervish that's why

And yeah Crimson Dervish is love, Crimson Dervish is Life

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Interesting that all the supportive frames are found in the lowest section of that poll. Guess there aren't many votes, but still...


As for the original post, I don't really know what constitutes best. Could be highest damage, easiest to use, most fun, whatever. I'ma just go for fun, so here's mine:




Jat Kittag

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