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What Are The Best Guns In Game ? - Vote


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Primary: Boltor Prime, Ignis, Amprex, Grinlok, Tigris, Flux Rifle, Dread

Secondary: Akvasto, Marelok, Detron, Lex Prime, Cestra, Sicarus Prime

Melee: Dragon Nikana, Glaive Prime, Obex, Lecta, Fang Prime


I run with a mix of things that get results, as well as things that greatly entertain/amuse me. However, you'll never see me running with a Soma - a Brakk - or my Despair. Even though I have those, I never really liked those in the slightest.


Here's some things that used to be favorites that were eventually replaced by items that I like more for some reason or other:


Primary: Hind, Hek, Latron Prime

Secondary: Lato Vandal, Aklex, Bronco Prime, Seer

Melee: Dakra Prime, Machete Wraith, Orthos Prime, Hate

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It doesn't matter if you forma a weapon 5 times. It'll still be inferior to something with better stats and equal forma, and more or less garbage for final tier enemies. It doesn't matter how much you forma or mod an MK 1 Braton, it's still inferior to the Soma.

MK1 is *not* garbage on tier 4, though.

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But all of them are the best?...


To rephrase your question- "Which weapons in-game are the most known for their damage"


Since Forma were introduced every weapon in this game has a purpose and can be modified for the play-style needed.


People can forma any weapon enough times and make it enjoyable and deal stupid amounts of damage, I- myself- am a fan of Burston Prime. I've given it 5 formae and it deals 50-60 DPS and is rather tactical. I've recently acquired the Quanta and I'm really enjoying it because it reminds me of the Shock Rifle from the UT series.


It's about preference, anything is good if you make it good.

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Primary:Dragon Nikana 

Secondary: Dragon Nikana 

Melee: Dragon Nikana 

Warframe: Dragon Nikana 



Your raptor runs must go so well.


They really should allow us the ability to hurl whatever melee weapons we have so we can use them for ranged attacks.  Of course we'd lose use of the sword until we retrieve it.  (hopefully there would be an indicator of where it dropped, etc.)


Also...  Flying axes anyone?  XD

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The way I see it, it should be user preference. On the other hand, most see it more or less like Mass Effect 3.


DPS, DPS... DPS. Damage, or go home. Back in those days, you'd be kicked for having a Widow at level one. You'd be inefficient they would say. Ultra Rares are the best, while everything was mostly side-grade, save for a few weapons.


In this case, the weapons that would fit the category above would be: Soma, Phage, Penta, Boltor Prime, Synapse, Amprex, Dex Furis, Lex Prime, Marelok, Angstrum, Dragon Nikana, Orthos Prime. Might be missing a few weapons, but those are basically what will make you a shoe-in.


But it should be about preference. It can be, with Forma and such.

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