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What Color Are My Kubrow's Eyes?



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I would say white pupil with a grey 'Sclera' (the eye white)


I might end up having to use this description.


Eye colour can be determined by the energy colour of the Kubrow's collar.


Here is a picture of his collar.



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Apparently this thingy was added. I was confused by it too. I accidentally clicked it while trying to quote someone.

Hmm alright, is it only the OP that can sort of "sticky" the best answer? Doesn't seem like it's decided by the number of upvotes.

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If you wish, I can add a note saying the 'best answer' was clicked on accident.  Would delete or edit it in a way to remove the tag, but there is not option.


Nah, I found out I can change it by clicking the button again. But since I can't choose multiple answers I went with yours as it came with the best description, answered my question, and was the first to do so.

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