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Mirage / Ash Ftw


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I dont know how anyone uses anything else but these two. Forgive me for saying this but i can easily kill any team anywhere with these as a team. 


Mirages ability to blind with her ulti and massive downrange dps is an insane TROLL!


Ash spams his blade storm and its all over folks. Rhino stop what?! Banshee Blast Who?!




Please.... I took down nearly 50 pvp players today with almost no deaths. The dynamics say that if you spawn camp and speed run with ash and mirage... GG Game over.

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bring your ash + mirage with those skills. and I'll still kick your @$$.


i'll be online most of sunday afternoon if you doubt me.



rules, no QT / Rage / Reflex guard. and Europa concalve.


I'll be waiting. and i will be recording it if you take me on.

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