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Question Regarding Current Kubrow Breeding Rules



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How much plat do ye have?


Know or care if you ever traded something of higher value for something of lower value?


Have you always gotten the breed you want?



1. Not important, never traded imprints for plat.


2. Nope, I asked for a specific color once and got it after a few hours of opening and bumping the trade thread, I'll post pictures of my Kubrow "Timeline".


3. Yes.


Tons of pictures

First Kubrow, got by random breeding, old colors, best picture I could find:



Second Kubrow:



Third Kubrow:



Fourth Kubrow:



Since it isn't out of the Incubator yet I had to check the Recent Mods for this one, 100% going to be a Sahasa one.


Only a few Kubrow were slightly harmed in my egg hunts


I'll just post this again.

Got 4 stasis slots with 4 different Kubrow breeds.

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