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Wts Mods And Prime Parts

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Warframe: 2xRhino prime systems 10-15 p each

Mag prime chassis 5p

Loki prime blueprint 25p

Weapons : Ankyros prime gauntlet

Bo prime ornament 10p

Burston prime stock

Dakra prime handle

Fang prime blade

Reaper handle

Paris prime lower limb

Akbrronco prime blueprint

Boar prime blueprint

Latron prime blueprint

Sentinel: Wrym prime carapace

Wrym prime blueprint

Mods: Cleaving whirlwind

Iron Phoenix.

Fracturing wind

Swirling tiger

Sundering weave

Shattering storm

Reaping spiral

Maxed spoiled strike

3x sundering strike

Killing blow

Hollow point

Pistol pestilence


Tainted mag

Maxed wildfire

Maxed vital sense

Malignant force


Hells chamber

Viscous spread

Tainted shell

Metal auger




If anything is bought I will edit it out of post. My name is xU_MaAd_BRox on all near enough all day on Ps4

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