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Friendly Ghost Clan S.f.t.b (Startedfromthebottom)


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Hey guys im recruiting active players on the ps4 who like to say hey once in a while. We are going into an alliance with a much bigger clan, and we have a custom emblem coming update 14. We do farm keys, t4 keys for plat, and if you need help then just ask :) The dojo will soon have dueling arenas and lab research, and im planing on a magnificent decor. If you want to join i just ask that you follow three simple rules.


1. Be polite and greet other if they greet you

2.Try to censor your language, there may be some younger players

3.Just have fun


I will post down below the clan emblem that was uploaded and made by me. If you are reading this and not signed in hit me up at my psn "Noobinstyle"  Peace.


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