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Eris Capture Mission Bug/'unwinnable' State


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Well, I kinda got hosed on the last target (solo as a fresh Vauban in level 20 environment, because I'm ballsy), and then the doors wouldn't open to let me out (this would be the unwinnable scenario). I thought maybe there was a passage I missed, and I dropped down into a little alcove under the platform (pictured here).


Unfortunately, you can't get out of it. Not sure if other missions have a similar bug where doors become permalocked if you die solo and then revive, but it's a major pain.




edit: Okay, scratch that, I did manage to get out on a lucky break and clipping into the upper part of one of the slopes and being able to jump out again. Still, might wanna fix that...


And I was able to hack a panel and open the door to escape. I thought it was actually part of one of the piece of scenery, and it didn't have any indicators or anything. That's something you DEFINITELY want to address...

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