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Trinity Melee Build?



I've been working on a Trinity channeling melee build and can't decide how to fill out the final two slots. Here's what I have so far:




All of these are pretty obvious choices, but nothing else I look at clearly fits. Options I'm considering for the last 2 slots include:


Vigor - extra health and shield are never bad

Stretch - makes link more reliable and energy vampire more team friendly

Constitution and/or Continuity - it's really unclear to me how much these actually help for Trinity

Quick Thinking - to provide a safety net as Trinity can no longer be truly invulnerable

Retribution - but I can't find any sources on how much damage it deals


Let me know which of these would fit the build best or if I'm missing better mods point them out please.


I'd also like input on if I should use the Arcane Aura Helmet, Arcane Meridian Helmet, or one that provides no stats.


Thanks for your help, any advice is appreciated.

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Narrow Minded and Stretch might be your best bet, will make Link last a lot longer and you can use R0 Blessing to allow it to be used more often if you need it. Basically use EV when you need energy, keep Link up, and Blessing when someone is about to die.



Or build with Rage and no EV:

Ditch Redirection for Rage and install Efficiency and Duration mods. This is a lot more 'fire+forget' where you can concentrate on making melee combos, all you have to do is keep up Link and hit 4 when you or anyone else is about to die.



Corrosive Projection will do a LOT more damage than SC aura against armored enemies. Against Corpus/Infested, you can use ES to help with energy management or ERadar to see incoming enemies; both will help your team a lot more than SC.

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remove redirection, getting damage on health helps with melee builds, put quick thinking and rage instead, it will save your life when any other mod won't (+ using blessing when you have 2hp makes you invulnerable)

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Thank for your help everyone.


Switched to Corrosive Projection for Aura (polarity was already tactical so that saves me a forma), using Constitution and Continuity for now. Sometimes a problem with Blessing, but very handy for Link and a non-issue for Energy Vampire. I'll have to experiment with lower Blessing rank eventually.


I'm going to pass on Narrow Minded + Stretch - at high rank gives net loss of range and my duration seems plenty long between Constitution, Continuity, and Arcane Aura Helmet. I'm also not interested in Rage as Energy Vampire is so easy to use for energy - all Rage would do is provide a safety net if I got energy drained or stupidly wasted too much energy too fast.


Really my picks are more convenience than anything - I'll have to keep a look out for new warframe mods in the future.

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