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Clipping Through Walls (Related To Finisher Moves/radial Blind)


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So I was messing around with my Excalibur Prime in a survival mission in Saturn, when I get an urge to go about killing stuff with melee.
Now, Radial Blind helps a lot with doing this but as of recently it seems that RB now puts enemies in a finisher state that can be annoying sometimes when you just want to hack and slash away. This "finisher" state that the enemies are in can sometimes be bothersome as you can clip through the wall and get stuck there OR you could fall endlessly and then out of nowhere land in a small room with no possible exit (or just flat out die).
I haven't been playing much of Excalibur lately but it seems that whenever someone else is hosting the session, the enemies I blind will almost always be in finisher state and when I'm hosting they will be normal.

Here's a screenshot of the room I was stuck in:

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