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One Year Down


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With some inspiration from UpgradeInProgress I thought I'd also chime in and say that's it's been a little over a year for me as well. I started playing this game a little after I first began to date my girlfriend at the time we played it together a few times when she would come over. Funny enough (not really funny) the account is her name backwards because we couldn't think of anything. Still trying to save up on the plat so I can rename it and not have an emotional breakdown every time I look at it, I kid. 


However holy cow I actually can't believe it's been a year. I've watched this game evolve a fair bit over the past year which is always encouraging and enticing to witness when playing a game. I still have goals to accomplish like reach the double digit mastery levels if I can manage that. Also making a friend on here wouldn't be too bad either (I'll be taking applicants).


Thanks to all the Tenno who made part of this year awesome!



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