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Glaive And Life Strike/pack Leader



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Yep. Glaive FTW.

Too bad Malicious Raptor is so F-ing rare...

Gleaming Talon you mean?


Unless you plan on meleeing with the Glaive, there's no need other than the extra mod points to use it.


You can use throwing while you have a primary or secondary equipped and the charge attack isn't affected by attack speed when doing so. So you can skip using any attack speed mods and just use Spoiled Strike. Glaive Prime still has pretty nice coptering ability.


This is how I use it and only switch to melee mode to do one attack to fill my hp.


EDIT: Also, Glaive Prime has two default polarities so for example the build I use, has 11 unused mod points with the Gleaming Talon.

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