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Weapon In Rhino's Picture


I've been playing since mid-february, and as far as I know, the weapon Rhino has in his market image not in the game. Can someone (founder/dev/older beta tester) clarify?

I get the feeling it's some kind of leftover placeholder, which is a shame, because I think it looks cool.



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According to the Wrecking Rhino pack in the market, signature weapon for the Rhino is the Boar shotgun, I honestly consider the Boar to be ugly beyond description, and thats why I don't use it. If it looked like the gun in the picture, it might have been my favourite weapon.

(Yes, I'm kinda dumb that way)

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Alright, noticed something interesting, Ash is carrying the same gun on his back. No idea what are supposed to be his signature weapons


You can see that both guns have the same spikes on the tip of the barrel and some sort of rail on top of the reciever.

Would really like a higher res picture, or atleast less fuzzy, but every time I take a screenshot the UI blurs a little, some sort of effect that was put there... for some reason.

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